Forexd Tips Speed

Here are 10 (ten) ranking the Big News that needs to be calculated:
1. NonFarm_Payroll USA (effects of 100-200 pips).
2. Trade Balance, USA (effects of 70-120 pips).
3. Interest Rate Statements (the effect of 100 pips).
4. Durable Good (effect of 50-100 pips).
5. Producer Price Index (effect of 50-60 pips)
6. PPI excl. Food and Energy (the effects of 50-60 pips)
7. Consumer Price Index (effect of 50-60 pips).
8. CPI excl. Food and Energy (the effects of 50-60 pips).
9. Trichet, Bernanke, & Fukui Speaks (effect of 30-100 pips).
10. Unemployment rate (the effect of 30-50 pips).

So, please you use the traps in 10-15 minutes before the News of this appeared. Apart from News of this, please ignore it [useless] ...

* Open metatrader with a time frame 30 Minutes
* See current price
* Open 25 to 30 pips from current price, eg price of GBPUSD was 1.8425 now, then you can open and BUY STOP 1.8450 SELL STOP at 1.8400.
* Take the Target in accordance with its strength SECURITIES, eg, Take Profit = 50 (up to you TP)
* Do not forget to use Stop Loss 50% of your target, eg, Stop Loss = 30
* If you use the Metatrader trading for real, then do not forget to set a Trailing Stop = 15, how to right click on your order and then Set Trailing Stop 15 pips. Trailing Stop aims to shift the stop loss to take profit. Stop eg first loss is -40 pips first, then when you profit +30 Stop Loss will then automatically shifts increasingly profit +15 pips and increases the trailing stop will automatically increase.