Tips and Tricks MT4 - Forex

Here are some tricks to make trading easier we make that use MT4 platform.
Probably happens on colleagues who do not know,
to simplify zooming in and zooming out in the chart need to let ga clack-click on the menu just click on the bottom left chart (yellow arrows in picture below) and then drag to the left or right. Create-Extend retracts his chart, left click on the area continued to drag the chart right gabian upwards or downwards (yellow arrows on the right). To return to its original state just click there lived a double.

cover part orders

We can close / to close a portion of our order in MT4 for a number of orders we were bigger than the existing minimum order. Let's say a minimum order of MT4 is 0.01 lot, and our entry for 0.1 lot:

close-order tracks the same as usual / instant execution. It's just that in his part of the volume we enter a number that we want to close. in order first pic above 0.1 lot and I choose 0:05 lot, after that live close order as usual ..

 Object duplicate

To menduplikat objects in the chart as trendline, a horizontal line, text, arrows, Fibonacci, etc., double-click the object and then hold the button on your keyboard ctrl + drag the object, then the new object will be immediately formed with the same setting. Create useful user trendline usually raise a lot of channels broadcast.

place pending orders

to install pending orders quickly, the direction of a cursor in a place where we will connect the pending orders, then right-click, and select a pending order that the desired (limit / stop orders)

chart image capture

Right click on the chart and select save as picture, and select its type from there. Active Workspace will capture all parts of the MT4, active chart (as is) going to capture chartnya only, and at the very bottom of the menu (active chart), we can set yourself the vast area that we want to capture (eg 800x600 pixels).

Measuring the number of pips and bar / candle

Crosshair button click, or even faster you click the middle mouse button, then left click and hold .. we can drag up / down to measure the number of pips and to the left / right to measure the number of bar / candle. The format is the number of candle or a bar / number of pips / price

One MT4 with many brokers

If you have a lot of colleagues in the brokerage account that vary, sometimes lazy too if you had to open a lot of MT4. We can open a lot of brokers with MT4 from entering the server address in the menu to log in, do not forget DIC Entang swve account info let me ga nyw need to log in again. Another way is to copy-paste to a file server from the config folder in MT4 broker2 and others are united in a single MT4 Config folder aja .. 'll stay logged in there and select the server that we will open it in the drop down menu.

accidentally to a close chart

If ga colleagues deliberately close to the chart that all the settings / indicators are not yet disave as a template, it can still be opened again. Tingal how open the file menu in the left corner MT4, then select open menu and select chartnya deleted from there.

EA appears to be low tide low disk space warnings ``

Usually it is caused by coding EA yag less so that their log files so Guédé really. For his mendelete, open the folder in MT4 nay and search the log folder, and clean up all its contents. then delete the problematic EA earlier.